Dant Buti Kavach

Dant Buti Kavach
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Dant Buti Kavach is a combined pack which include dant buti payriya, Dant buti payriya liquid
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Millions around the world suffer from dental problem like sensitivity, payriya, and other related diseases. Most remedies that are currently offered for these diseases only provide temporary or partial relief of the symptoms that usually accompany these diseases such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, sneezing, watery and/or scratchy eyes, wheezing. Also, many drugs often have undesirable side effects.

The main active ingredient in Manju Fal, Salt Lohri, patang, Samundri Jung, Trikuta, Haldi, Aqukarkar. Kings and Royal Families in ancient India used Manju Fal as a delicacy and for its healing properties. Salt Lohri Special is a medicine. The major ingredient is wild flower bee honey.  All of the therapeutic ingredients are natural herbs from the rainforests of the tiny island of India and Sri Lanka

Most of the people who have used Trikuta state that it provides lasting relief to all of the symptoms above. Dr. Anees Malik. founded Dant Buti Kavach in 1986. Since then, people throughout the world have used it with great success. Most people report noticing positive results even after the very first dose.

The amount taken is very small compared to some drugs that require people to take upwards of 5 pills per dose or harsh inhalers. One bottle of Dant Buti Kavach is 100gm and lasts for about 1 to 2 months or longer!

Some of the rare herbs used in Dant Buti Kavach:

  1. Manju Fal: Different parts of this herb have different properties. The root acts like a natural expectorant, to help clear mouth disease. The plant and leaves have natural antibacterial properties, so it acts like a natural antibiotic.
  2. Samundri Jung: This ancient herb is effective for helping stop payriya . Bronchospasms one of the main things that happen with lung that result in asthma exacerbationsSamundri Jung is an excellent in fighting againstgums. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Dant Buti Kavach is a combined pack which include dant buti payriya, Dant buti payriya liquid