I am a living in India. In the year 1995, I was suffering from dental Problem. After taking 'Dant Buti Kavach' I was cured.

Mahesh Chand Joshi [kalkaji, New Delhi.India]

Your medicine has been of great help for our elder son. After several days of application he found himself on the way of improving recovery what he hardly could believe after 2 years of suffering. And now he will not profit alone from this gift of God by your hands: He announced to his friends and other affected persons to get well again and rid of their teeth disease. So far he begs us to send you his cordial thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Mohini Bhrti Kanpur

I must thank you for the Dant Buti Kavach. It has truly helped my husband who now has mouth Problem. After about 2-3 weeks he actually felt better. There is no other answer other than your Product Dant Buti Kavach.

Seema Sharma

After trying conventional medicine for my payriya and my teeth problem, which were rapidly showing deformities, I decided to take Dant Buti Kavach', by Samasya Samadhan Kendra. To my surprise, a few days later I noticed that the swelling around my teeth started to come down; in a month or so the pain was gone and I could use my tooth brush normally.

Anil Kumar

The Indian Herbal Products has been wonderful for my other problem. Since I started to use Dant Buti Kavach some years ago, my all mouth problem figures have improved to normal. I now look forward to many, many more years of active life. By the way...
I'm 75 years young.

Varun Kumar Sharma

I am still very glad to know this product {Dant Buti Kavach}. If I have great difficulties in my mouth, I take some of your Dant Buti Payriya and I am much better. I thank you very, very much.

Hemant Vaswani [Mumbai, Maharastra]

Thank you for Dant Buti Kavach, it is extremely helpful for my mouth related problems. After only four (4) days I found lasting relief and use it any time there is tightness or trouble breathing.

Harjinder Ghuman [Chandigarh, Punjab]

I am an asthmatic person and I am currently taking your medicine 'Dant Buti Kavach', with excellent results. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate your for your work and the quality of your products.

Ramesh Chand [Gurgaon, Hariyana]